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From aspiring startups to A-list companies.

Over 300 implemented projects, from luxury mineral water brands and presidential summit identities to performance sailing boats, alpine skis and disruptive startups. We are a team of multidisciplinary designers, developers and consultants bringing a variety of different skills and expertise to the table. As advocates of user-centred design and agile development, we design around real user needs, test early and iterate often. Doing so enables us to minimize our partners’ risk and maximize the potential for success on the global market.

Why design

What designers offer to clients is a way of thinking.

The “Why design?” booklet outlines the role of design in business strategy. It seeks a common framework for why design adds value to clients' interests. The booklet is written for our designer members, to provide some core messages for which we can create a common chorus. It defines the power of Designing, a larger concept that includes strategy as well as artifacts across a variety of disciplines.

Our role


Product & Packaging Design, User Experience, Product Graphics, Visual Style


Brand & Corporate Identity, Naming, Brand Strategy & Positioning, Communication Strategy


Front & Back-End Development, UX & UI Design, Web & App Design

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Whether you are a startup aspiring to disrupt the market, a thriving company understanding design as a strategic tool or skilled designer looking to join our network - let’s get in touch and build something great.


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